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About US

www.lotinefa.com is an international e-commerce website. We mainly stock a wide range of excellent love doll(fashion-adult-toy) and related goods .

LoTinefa is an uprising fashion-adult-toy brand. We collaborate with selected reputable factorie such as WM DOLL etc, and we also have R&D department to make our own fashion goods. Our brand idea is REAL, it stands for Realistic, Elegant, Artistic, Lifelike. So, in short, LoTinefa is REAL.
LoTinefa was founded in 2022 for less than 1 year, we already gained certain reputation among Chinese doll-lover-community and start to be known globally day by day. 

LoTinefa is not just a regular sex toy seller but a fashion-tech-based visionary entity. Our goal is to maximize human life experience, starting with dealing high-end-fashionable love doll, and along with technology evolution, we will step into bionic body part or prosthetic industry. 
We somehow believe Cyberpunk era will eventually come and we will be there and standing with people, to serve you, to bring physical and mental happiness to you.
We shall stay humble and grounded, we don’t aim to grow bigger in a short time, but we do have a solid and clear vision. LoTinefa will always be there for you.

We are committed to bringing our customers the very latest and most creative products. We have very strict quality control of our products to ensure that our customers could receive unique high-quality products. At the same time, we have a very professional customer service team with more than 4 people to provide customers with after-sales service.

2022.08  LoTinefa, our brand was officially created.
2022.09  LoTinefa started to sell Irontech Doll's silicone and TPE dolls.
2022.10  LoTinefa gained certain repuation among Chinese Doll Forum.
2022.11  LoTinefa refreshed all the promotion materials.
2022.12  LoTinefa Doll House international online store officially went online and started to grow. Meanwhile, LoTinefa developed its own design and will be online at Q1 of 2023.
2023.01 For only few months, LoTinefa became well known not just in China but globally.
2023.04 The first Modern Myth Series Doll, Syfa wes introduced to the world.
2023.05 Formed a deep-collaboration-relationship with WM Doll/Angelkiss.
2023.07 Six new LoTinefa original dolls were under developing.
2023.11 LoTinefa terminated collaboration with Irontech Doll.
2023.12 Two LoTinefa original Torsos and Four dolls entered to the market.
2024.01 LoTinefa attended to AVN 2024 in Las Vegas.
2024.02 LoTinefa started to sell Funwest TPE dolls.